Learn more about our strategic partners by clicking on the brand logos below.

  • Badestnost

    The Company was founded in 1902 as an industrial metalworking enterprise, since 1978 it has been specialising in the manufacture of hydraulic distributors and hydraulic components. Badestnost Plc.-manufactured products find application in the following areas: agriculture, car construction and full machinery construction range...

  • Linde

    Linde Hydraulics is a global developer and supplier of modular drive systems, the product range comprises hydraulic pumps and motors, valves, electronic controls, peripheral devices, rotary drives and electric motors. Linde Hydraulics is the development partner and supplier of a number of reputable manufacturers of mobile work machinery, including construction, mining, agricultural, forestry, etc. At Windust Hydraulics we are a leading sales and service representative with extensive systems experience and diagnosticknow-how.

  • Marzocchi

    Marzocchi Pompe product range, thanks to the strong product specialisation is one of the largest available on the market and is able to meet the needs and demands of many types of customer, addressing the needs of even the most sophisticated manufacturers in the industrial, mobile and automotive sectors.

  • Permco

    Based in Streetsboro, OH USA, the Perfection Machining Company was founded in 1964 to design and manufacture replacement parts for the mining industry. Permco’s product offering includes cast iron gear pumps/motors utilised extensively by Windust Hydraulics for OEM replacements and custom build applications


  • Prince

    Prince Manufacturing is a U.S. manufacturer of hydraulic components specialising in cylinders, mobile valves, gear pumps and motors.Prince started in business in 1941 and now manufactures in three states including: 5 manufacturing plants, a research and development lab, stocking warehouse, technology center and corporate headquarters. At Windust Hydraulics Prince log splitter valves are a popular solution for many self-build and OEM consumers.

  • Ronzio

    Ronzio Oleodinamica was founded in 1950 by Dante Ronzio, expert in precision mechanics. The company, run by his children and grandchildren, produces a wide range of products for different uses in industry, agriculture, forestry and construction equipment that make it a worldwide leader in the engineering sector. The streamlined structure of the company and industry expertise are the answer for customers who are looking for, not only a supplier, but a partner for the development of their projects. At Windusts we utilise a diverse range of Ronzio products including aluminium gear pumps in various SAE, Euro and custom configurations as well as cast iron truck-PTO driven pumps.

  • Sunfab

    Sunfab is a world leader in hydraulics. Technologically advanced hydraulic pumps, motors and, in particular, the first mobile lifting crane all originated from technology used by Eric Sundin for ski production in Hudiksvall. Ever since its foundation in 1925, Sunfab has been a family company characterised by innovation, skills and visions of the future.

  • Veljan

    Velhan Hydrair Ltd was established in 1965. They have a wealth of experience in developing and manufacturing a wide range of Pneumatic and Hydraulic products at its various manufacturing plants located in and near Hyderabad, India. Veljan vane pumps and motors are used here in NZ to equip fertiliser spreading truck hydraulic systems as well as having many other uses.